Our Work

Legal Assistance & Resources

Have you experienced discrimination? Do you need assistance with immigration, housing, or any other social or economic issues you face? ACJ is here to help you get  the resources and assistance you need.  Contact us or email Ayeshag@americancitizensforjustice.com

Voter Engagement and Protection

ACJ partners every yesr with APIAVote-Michigan and several other organizations to conduct community engagement, voter outreach and education, voter registration,  phone banking, and canvassing. Educating Asian Americans about voting and the importance of making their voices heard is central to our work.  

ACJ partners every election with the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) to conduct exit surveying, document incidences of voter suppression, and work with city clerks and elected officials to improve voting procedures for all. 

ACJ has begun an exciting collaboration with Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA (AAAJ-LA)  to deploy attorneys  to polling locations in highly-populated Asian American districts so they can no nitor, challenge, and potentially litigate incidences of voter suppression. ACJ is also working with state and local elected officials to ensure translated voting materials are always readily available during elections and those who are limited English proficient get the assistance they need. 

Volunteers are a key component of our work. Please contact us if you would like to help us protect voting rights for all.



ACJ frequently gives presentations to the public on the history of Asian American immigration, and social and economic contributions immigrants have made in Michigan. We also share information about immigration laws in the workplace, naturalization and citizenship, and healthcare coverage. We are the yearly featured Asian American organization presenter of New Detroit’s Multicultural Leadership series. 

ACJ has also partnered with the University of Michigan‘s Asian, Pacific Islander American Studies department to be a featured field site in it’s American Culture course. Please contact us for more information on how you can intern with us for course credit. 

Vincent Chin Scholarship Program

ACJ offers a $1,000 scholarship to a first or second year law student with an interest in public service/civil rights law. The fellow will do a summer fellowship with the organization and help us with our civil rights, voter engagement, and immigration reform work. Please see the link below for more details on how to apply.  


Policy Advocacy

ACJ is a member organization of the Asian American Engagement Coalition  (AAEC). This coalition works with legislative members of the Asian Pacific American Caucus, who represent highly-populated Asian American  districts in Michigan. The coalition works  to identify pertinent policy issues affecting Asian Americans and advocate for policy reform. 

ACJ collaborates with the Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission (MAPAAC) , sharing issues that affect Asian Americans in Michigan. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor to serve the APIA community through advocacy. Members of ACJ’s Board of Directors are appointed members of the commission 

Immigration Reform

We are a staunch supporter of fair and just treatment of citizen and non-citizen immigrants. We partake in immigration reform advocacy in a variety of ways, from meeting with law enforcement and ICE officials about problematic enforcement activities, to assisting with organizing citizenship and naturalization workshops. We also conduct public education on immigrant rights, and provide resources to immigrants social, economic, or legal issues. 

If you are an immigrant and need assistance  with any issues, please contact us. 

Our Partners