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Get Counted 2020

The Census determines everything - how much money from the state and federal government our community gets and whether our needs are met. When all of us aren't counted, we all suffer. ACJ is part of a coalition of organizations making sure all Asian Americans in Michigan get counted during the decennial Census.  Stay tuned to learn more, and how you can help. 

Knight Foundation Arts Challenge Grantee

As a recipient of the 2019 Detroit Arts Challenge, we are excited to announce our creation of a digital anthology and archive by Asian American activists and allies on the legacy of Vincent Chin, identity, and diversity. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more. 

Healthcare Access

Getting all Asian Americans insured and educated on the benefits of preventive care is a central focus of our work. We partner with the Association of Chinese Americans, the Healthy Asian American Project, and others to coordinate health fairs around the state, and provide in-language, culturally appropriate, assistance and education to Asian Americans on healthcare. Please contact us if you need help or would like to learn more. 

Voter Engagement and Protection

ACJ partners annually with APIAVote-Michigan and several other organizations to conduct community and voter engagement. Educating Asian Americans about voting, registering voters, Get Out The Vote efforts, and ensuring accessibility at the polls, is central to our work.  

To advance equal participation of immigrants in the political process, ACJ has helped to form an “Accessible Voting” task force that works in collaboration with other social justice organizations in Michigan. The task force works with Secretary of State, the Bureau of Elections, and other election officials, to ensure minority groups have equal access at the polls, with ACJ representing the needs of Limited English Proficient voters.   It is imperative that translated voting materials and translators are  accessible and available at polling locations in areas where they are needed most. ACJ also works to educate city clerks, poll workers, and voters, on the assistance they can provide on election day to voters that speak limited English.  If you need help voting or have experienced other voting issues, please contact us. 

We also ensure voting is equitable and accessible for immigrant communities by partnering each election with the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) to conduct exit surveying, document incidences of voter suppression, and work with city clerks and elected officials to improve voting processes and procedures for all. 

ACJ has recently begun an exciting collaboration with Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA (AAAJ-LA)  to deploy attorneys  to polling locations in highly-populated Asian American districts that have been identified as  potentially problematic based on exit surveying data. These attorneys monitor,  assist, and potentially challenge incidences of voter suppression. 

Volunteers are a key component of our election work and help the voices of our community be heard. Email us at contact@americancitizensforjustice.com for more information about joining our efforts.  

Immigration Reform

We are a strong supporter of fair and just treatment of citizen and non-citizens. We partake in immigration reform advocacy in a variety of ways, from meeting with law enforcement and ICE officials about  enforcement activities, to assisting with citizenship and naturalization efforts. We also conduct public education on the rights immigrants have, and provide social, economic, and legal resources to immigrants and refugees. 

If you are in need of assistance, please contact us. 

Policy Advocacy

Through policy advocacy and civic engagement efforts, ACJ fights for more  inclusive and equitable voting, immigration, education, and healthcare policy that  addresses the needs of all vulnerable communities. 

ACJ is a member organization of the Asian American Engagement Coalition  (AAEC). This coalition works with legislative members of the Asian Pacific American Caucus, who represent highly-populated Asian American  districts in Michigan. The coalition works with legislators to educate them on what policies affect Asian Americans.

ACJ collaborates with the Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission (MAPAAC) , on policies that affect Asian Americans. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor to serve their Asian American community through advocacy. Several members of  ACJ’s Board of Directors are also MAPAAC commissioners. 


ACJ conducts public education on the civil rights of immigrants, citizens and non-citizens, on xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment, and the history of immigration policy. We are also the yearly Asian American  organization in

the New Detroit’s Multicultural Leadership series. 

ACJ also partners with the University of Michigan‘s Asian, Pacific Islander American Studies department as a featured field site in it’s annual American Culture 305 course. Please contact us for more information on how you can intern with ACJ for course credit. 

Vincent Chin Scholarship Program

American Citizens for Justice/Asian American Center for Justice (ACJ/AACJ), in partnership with Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA (AAAJ-LA), is offering a fellowship for Asian American first or second-year law school students for the Summer 2020. Students will work closely with AAAJ-LA’s National Voting Rights Project to investigate and potentially litigate incidences of voter suppression in Michigan. Fellows will research and recommend policies to improve voting access to disenfranchised communities, and meet with political officials and key policy stakeholders.  See the link below to apply, or for more information or questions contact contact@americancitizensforjustice.org

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